Koi Health - Information on Koi Herpesvirus

Excerpts regarding Koi Herpesvirus from the 320 page report:

Paris, 5-9 March 2007

The OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission (hereafter referred to as the Aquatic Animals Commission) met at the OIE Headquarters from 5 to 9 March 2007. The meeting was chaired by Dr Eva-Maria Bernoth, President of the Commission, and Dr Ricardo Enriquez, Secretary General, acted as Rapporteur. Participants are listed at Appendix I. The adopted Agenda is given at Appendix II.
Finally Dr Vallat thanked the Aquatic Animals Commission’s members for their contribution to the OIE Regional Conferences and underlined the importance of continuo usly updating the presentations so to convey relevant political messages. He encouraged the continuation of this practice to inform OIE Delegates about OIE activities in the field of aquatic animal health and trade.
The Aquatic Animals Commission recognised the contribution of the following Member Countries in providing comments: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, the European Community (EC), Japan, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Norway, Switzerland, ie.int
The Aquatic Animals Commission examined various Aquatic Animal Health Code (hereafter referred to as the Aquatic Code) draft texts from its October 2006 report in the light of Member Countries’ comments. The outcome of the Aquatic Animals Commission’s work is presented as Appendices III to XXX to this report. Additions made during the October 2006 meeting are shown as double underlined text, with deleted text in strikeout, and those made at this meeting (March 2007) in a similar fashion but with a coloured background to distinguish the two groups of proposals.
Member Countries are invited to submit their comments to the OIE on Appendices XXIII to XXX of this report prior to 6 August 2007. The comments should be sent preferably by electronic mail to the following address: trade.dept@oie.int. The Aquatic Animals Commission will address the comments received at its next meeting.
The table below summarises the texts that will be proposed – as presented in the appendices – to the OIE International Committee for adoption at the 75th General Session (first part), the texts that are presented for Member Countries’ comment (second part), and texts for Member Countries’ information (third part). A blank appendix was inserted to keep the n umbering of appendices consistent with that of the October 2006 report .

Appendices proposed for adoption at the 75th General Session

Appendix number

Definitions (Ch. 1.1.1.)

Appendix III

Diseases listed by the OIE (Ch. 1.2.3.)

Appendix IV

Zoning and c ompartmentalisation (Ch. 1.4.4.)

Appendix V

Infection with Bonamia ostreae (Ch. 2.2.1.)

Appendix VI

Infection with Bonamia exitiosa (Ch. 2.2.2.)

Appendix VII

Infection with Haplosporidium nelsoni (Ch. 2.2.3.)

Appendix VIII

Infection with Marteilia refringens (Ch. 2.2.4.)

Appendix IX

Infection with Mikrocytos mackini (Ch. 2.2.5.)

Appendix X

Infection with Xenohaliotis californiensis (Ch. 2.2.8.)

Appendix XI

Recommendations for transport (Ch. 1.5.1.)

Appendix XII

Blank Appendix

Appendix XIII

Koi herpesvirus disease (Ch. 2.1.17.)

Appendix XIV

Taura syndrome (Ch. 2.3.1.)

Appendix XV

White spot disease (Ch. 2.3.2.)

Appendix XVI

Yellowhead disease (Ch. 2.3.3.)

Appendix XVII

Tetrahedral baculovirosis (Ch. 2.3.4.)

Appendix XVIII

Spherical baculovirosis (Ch. 2.3.5.)

Appendix XIX

Infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis (Ch. 2.3.6.)

Appendix XX

Crayfish plague (Ch. 2.3.7.)

Appendix XXI

Koi herpesvirus disease (Aquatic ManualChapter)

Appendix XXII

Appendices for Member Countries’ comments ( deadline 6 August 2007)

Appendix number

Infectious myonecrosis (Ch. 2.3.9.)

Appendix XXIII

Necrotising hepatopancreatitis (Ch. 2.3.10.)

Appendix XXIV

White tail disease (Ch. 2.3.11.)

Appendix XXV

Hepatopancreatic parvovirus disease (Ch. 2.3.12.)

Appendix XXVI

Mourilyan virus disease (Ch. 2.3.13.)

Appendix XXVII

Guidelines for the control of aquatic animal health hazards in aquatic animal feeds

Appendix XXVIII

General guidelines for aquatic animal health surveillance (Aquatic Code Appendix)

Appendix X XIX

Guidelines for aquatic animal health surveillance (Aquatic Manual Chapter)

Appendix XXX

Appendices for Member Countries’ information

Appendix number

Report of the ad hoc Group on Aquatic Animal Feeds

Appendix XXXI

Report of the ad hoc Group on Aquatic Animal Health Surveillance

Appendix XXXII

Conclusions and abstracts from workshop in Florianopolis

Appendix XXXIII

Work plan

Appendix XXXIV


………………Portions of text deleted…….
2. Aquatic Animal Health Code



Disease chapters (Part 2)



(Other text deleted…….)



The Commission reviewed Member Countries’ comments on the draft disease chapter on koi



herpesvirus (KHV) disease, agreed with many of the points raised and made some changes to



several articles accordingly. For example, Article was changed to clarify the nature of



some commodities, e.g. fish meal intended for use in animal feeds. The updated Chapter on KHV disease that will be proposed to the OIE International Committee for adoption at the 75th General



Session in May 2007 is attached at Appendix XIV.




7. Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals

7.1. Koi herpesvirus disease

Comments had been received on the draft chapter on KHV disease that had been appended to the last meeting’s report. The Aquatic Animals Commission was grateful for the constructive and helpful comments which were referred to the author who made a number of amendments to the chapter. This amended version will be proposed for adoption at the General Session in May and, if adopted, will be added to the web version of the Aquatic Manual.

The new Chapter on KHV disease that will be proposed to the OIE International Committee for adoption at the 75th General Session in May 2007 is attached at Appendix XXII.


8. OIE Reference Laboratories

  • 8.1. Review of list of Reference Laboratories
    The Commission recommends acceptance of the following new applications for OIE Reference Laboratory status:
    OIE Reference Laboratory for Koi herpesvirus disease
    Fisheries Research Agency, Research Promotion & Development Department, Yokohama 220-6115, JAPAN Tel.: (+81-45) 227.2677; Fax: (+81-45) 227.2703; sanogen@fra.affrc.go.jp Designated Reference Expert: Dr Motohiko Sano.
    OIE Reference Laboratory for Koi herpesvirus disease
    Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), the Nothe, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8UB, UNITED KINGDOM Tel.: (+44-1305) 206.639; Fax: (+44-1305) 206.601; keith.way@cefas.co.uk Designated Reference Expert: Dr Keith Way.
    ……… Text deleted…..

Appendix XIV - KOI HERPESVIRUS DISEASE Chapter (Appendix proposed for adoption at the 75th General Session, May 2007)

Appendix XXII - Aquatic Manual Chapter - KOI HERPESVIRUS DISEASE (Appendix proposed for adoption at the 75th General Session, May 2007)