Koi Health - Information on Koi Herpesvirus

Koi Herpesvirus DIstribution in Asis as of March, 2004

excerpted from

Olga L.M. Haenen and Marc Y. Engelsma in International Workshop on Koi Herpesvirus, 2004

Indonesia since April 2002 (NACA)(confirmed by PCR
Java since May 2002, 30% mortality in carp
Sumatra since Nov 2002, 80% mortality in carp), outbreaks continued.

Thailand: no KHV yet? It actively surveillances for KHV. **

Singapore: no KHV yet? It actively surveillances for KHV.

Taiwan (January 2003: many outbreaks, >80% mortality in koi, no confirmation yet?) *

Philippines: KHV positive?**

Malaysia: KHV positive? **

Japan - please follow link

China: handpicked koi from China were KHV positive (CEFAS).In Hong Kong, a KHV
outbreak in 2001 killed many koi’s in 2 weeks (pers.comm. G.Chu). **

Other NACA (Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific)-countries: Bangladesh,
Cambodia, Hong Kong SAR, India, Korea (DPR), Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,
Thailand, Vietnam. Other participating (non-member) governments include Iran, Rep. of
Korea, Lao PDR: no outbreaks yet?: **

* See Taiwan update by Tu, et al, 2004 in References; 2006 - KHV currently widespread in Taiwan and PCR testing is periodiclly done on fish from registered farms. No serological testing for antibodies to KHV is done to detect the carrier state.

** Please see references regarding Country Reports on Koi Herpesvirus Disease (KHVD) (in Summary) and Foreword
Proceedings of the Meeting on Current Status of Transboundary Fish Diseases in Southeast Asia:Occurrence, Surveillance, Research and Training Manila, Philippines23-24 June 2004, 2004,  SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department
Tigbauan 5021, Iloilo, Philippines as well as and individual Southeast Asia contry reports, many of which are listed in References.

KHV is currently widely distributed in SE Asia